About us

Flash Inc provides unique solution for your business. We provide company formation services all over the world, as well as bank accounts opening, tax planning, preparation of financial statements. Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of our work. We protect the privacy of our customers and secure personal data. We aim to deliver the best business practice standards in a lawful environment, in the client’s best interest.

Just figures

More than 400 opened companies, more than 700 satisfied clients, more than 100 partners

Main jurisdictions

Cyprus, Hong Kong, Singapore. UAE, Belize, Cayman Islands, BVI, Malta, Marshall Islands, Seychelles

Our services

Company formation, bank account opening, nominee services, shell companies, financial statements, audit

Our company offers a wide variety of different jurisdictions for your business. We provide registration in different European offshore and onshore countries. With our company, your business can grow and develop with proper structure and reliable perspectives. Please click here for more information.

Are you tired of stable problems with bank system, long and boring bank compliance procedures and often rejects? Our company can help you. We offer fast and reliable bank account opening desitions. Please, click here and all your problems with the bank will disappear.

We also provide a wide variety of additional services on payment methods, integration of payment system, online bank and other alternative ways of money transferring. If you have ICO company or need to set up a payment system on your website please click here. Flash Inc able to solve any problem in convenient terms and without any concern.

If your BO need confidentiality or you have any other business conditions to chose nominee services like residence requirement for the company director. Flash Inc. can help you with the provision of reliable and trusted nominee director and shareholder. Our nominee services are legal and supported with Declaration of Trust and other supporting documents.

In addition to the main service line, we also specialize in supporting of our clients in obtaining licenses for Forex, Gambling and ICO, registration of trademarks, etc. We are engaged in supporting ICO projects: choosing the right jurisdiction, building the structure, preparing the necessary documents, opening bank accounts, payment systems, coordinating the further work. We are always ready to make every effort to implement any of your ideas. If you have already earned enough money and do not know where to invest, we will find the best solution for you with the help of our partner banks, partner investment funds and not only. Our main goal is to provide the maximum service to our client regarding any issue. The business of our client becomes an integral part of us. 

Our company has high-level professionals in accounting, audit and tax planning. We are ready to help you with the preparation of bookkeeping records, management account, audit and tax reporting. Our tax managers are ready to provide you with legal tax planning and tax optimizations. We can prepare management accounts for any internal request and proceed with support and preparation accounting books for annual audit. Please follow this link to find out more information.