January 4, 2018

Company Formation. How to choose right

Before choosing an offshore jurisdiction, which will be used on your business best interests. You should pay attention to the following main factors:

  • Incorporation expenses
A good offshore jurisdiction charges affordable fees for the actual registration and the maintenance costs incurred in running an offshore company. Costs of incorporation and maintenance of the company correlate with the rating of the jurisdiction. Remember that reliable provider has no purpose to reduce the price of the services.

  • Popularity and reputation of offshore jurisdiction
When choosing an offshore country, it is necessary to examine which other companies with similar business favor the location. Learn more about the structures of big corporations, the offshore jurisdiction that is preferred by credible and renowned companies is most likely suitable and fits a profitable and legal business criterion. Analyze the reputation of an offshore jurisdiction by examining how other corporations rank a particular jurisdiction.

  • Average processing duration
Before settling on a particular offshore jurisdiction, it is imperative to find out how much time the registration process takes. It is advisable to settle on an offshore jurisdiction that promptly registers foreign companies. Quick processing time speaks to the effectiveness of the relevant business authority.

  • Availability of offshore banking facilities
Before settling on a viable offshore destination, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with a country's banking system. It is recommended that a company chooses an offshore jurisdiction that has a well-developed and highly functioning banking system that offers much-needed facilities such as; online banking, brokerage facilities, offshore credit cards, offshore debit cards and merchant accounts.
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