Licenses for Forex, Gambling and ICO

Forex License. With a Forex license, one can legally offer Forex trading, subject to your legal counsel's advice. The Forex license allows one to conduct business around the globe through the internet. Our company offers license solutions upon personal request.
Gambling License. We are open to help you with obtaining a gambling license no matter what kind of license requires for your business from simple Curacao or Malta preemption to specific UK gambling license. Flash Inc also provides consultation on all legal and taxation matters on each gambling license.

Cryptoсcurrency Exchange Company

We will support you with starting your own crypto exchange from scratch. This approach is difficult but reliable as it helps get to know the crypto market better by coming through all stages of launching a platform: from concept design to release.

Tax Residence

Are you tired of paying huge taxes and would like to enjoy free tax borders and minimizing your tax duties to the minimum?
Advantages of the status of a tax resident of Cyprus (for non-domiciled residents):
Currently, Cyprus has an extremely attractive program of becoming a Cyprus tax residency only for 60 days.
Do you feel that you ready to enjoy all these benefits? Flash Inc. will help you with meeting all requirements including the sale-purchase process of your new real estate and obtain your new Cyprus tax residency.
If you would like to receive the tax residency in some exotic countries, please we are ready to find for you the solution. From Saint Kitts and Nevis to Saint Lucia and Dominica tax residence and citizenship.
taxation is ONLY subject to the Income Tax Act, exemption from the Special Defense Contribution (SDC);
0% on income from dividends, interest, and rent, regardless of sources in Cyprus or abroad; 0% of the inheritance and wealth tax;
0% of the tax on income from the sale of shares, bonds, and other financial instruments;
50% deduction of income tax for a period of 10 years for foreigners with a salary of more than 100,000 euros per year;
0% of the capital gains tax for properties located in Cyprus and purchased before December 31, 2016;
0% of the capital gains tax on the sale of real estate located outside Cyprus.

EU Citizenship

Investment into citizenship is a perfect opportunity to multiply your investments and receive a second EU Passport. Getting a second passport is the best thing you can do this year.
The concept of citizenship for investment, which appeared several decades ago, was finally formed and in 2020 brought new interesting opportunities to participate in such programs for any Nationalities all over the world. From the beginning, you can face difficult choices: from Cyprus and Malta to Vanuatu and Saint Lucia.
These countries have many different conditions and benefits: from freedom of movement to minimal investment costs. All such conditions are constantly changing.
For this year, the most attractive is Cyprus. Cyprus is a leader in the convenience of the second Passport obtaining. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the tax benefits of this sunny island. We are always ready to find the best solution for you which depends on your initial requirements.

Property Acquisition

Flash Inc. would be glad to find for you the best option all over the world and support the process from the stage of your idea to the stage of your first day with ownership of your new property.
We have employees in two main jurisdictions which are currently the most attractive for investors: Cyprus and the Czech Republic. However, we have a network of trusted partners all over the world who will work with our clients as our Employees.
When you are trying to choose the right country, first, you should define the main criteria for you and your family, for example, a new passport, a house near the sea, education for the children, property investment, and others.
Once the aim is found or you need help to find the right solution – Flash Inc. would be glad to find the best decision for you.

Work Permit

All foreign citizens who do not have the right to work in the country are required to obtain the official permission to carry out legitimate work with full employment in the country. Working visa gives the subject the full right to live and work activity with full employment.
Permission is issued by the appropriate authority of the country where he/she intends to work and, as a rule, is a standard document, or, more often, a corresponding stamp in your passport.
As a rule, countries between which bilateral agreements exist
(for example, the countries of the European Union) do not require a work visa for EU citizens intending to work in the EU countries. Each country puts forward its own conditions, which must be met in order to obtain a work visa.
The requirements for obtaining a work visa / long-stay visa largely depend on person's citizenship, although the confirmation of a work permit depends largely on the type of work and professional skills of the applicant. It should be noted that some workers do not need a work visa; it entirely depends on the country where these people intend to work and live.
Foreign citizens are required to obtain work permits / long-stay visas if they intend to work and reside in Cyprus or Singapore. According to the law, a foreign citizen is required to obtain a work permit before starting work.
An applicant's sponsoring company (employer) is required to file an application with the authorities on behalf of this foreign national to obtain a work permit for him.
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