October 8, 2019

Business Opportunity in Asia Nobody is Talking About

Have you ever heard about the new Asian financial center - Labuan, Malaysia?

Modern conditions became really hard for business, nowadays every new business faces hard decisions between reliable bank account and low taxation burden.

If you think that the cumulative tax rate of 3% and a top-rated bank account in possession is impossible in one jurisdiction, you are totally wrong. In Labuan, all this became possible in a legal and transparent way.

Let's consider the pros and cons of this highly attractive opportunity. Labuan is an Island in
The South China Sea and the Federal Territory of Malaysia. Malaysia made huge progress in Compliance and enhanced anti-money laundering legislation on relevant level which was recorded by FATF and OECD. Labuan has its own regulator called Labuan Financial Service Authority (Labuan FSA). One of the main objectives of Labuan FSA is to promote and develop Labuan as an international center for business and financial services. It means that you are very welcome to start your international business here and will be supported by government bodies.

Take a minute and check all the advantages in a shortlist:

  • Company registration takes up to 3 days
  • Confidentiality. Wich means no open registers of Ultimate Beneficial Owners, unauthorized disclosure of client's information is subject to penalty and protected by law
  • CIT is only 3% for trading companies and 0% for holding Companies.
  • No value-added tax
  • Bank account in world-known and trusted banks of Kuala Lumpur
  • IFRS accounting standards and compulsory audit. You may say here that it is not an advantage however in our days you do not have an option to avoid doing reporting and have recognized bank account. Moreover, this is proof of your wealth as well as confirmation to your business partners that you are doing strong and compliant business
  • One of the best solutions to work with the Asian market including Chinese and Indian partners. You still have not heard that China and India are rapidly growing economies that are open for foreign investors? Of course, apart from the population of Asia which is more than half of population on Earth.
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