Advantages of setting up a business in UAE

  • 0% corporate, personal tax (withholding tax);
  • No requirements for the minimum amount of the share capital
  • Absolute privacy, confidentiality, and protection of assets and information;
  • No restrictions on the directors' / shareholders' residency or citizenship;
  • Companies which are run within free zones are given certain tax exemptions;
  • 0% export/import tax.
  • UAE offshore company is registered without the requirement to have the physical office on the territory of the UAE and can only conduct business outside of the country. Whereby such a company can have a bank account in the Dubai bank or any other Emirate.
  • There is no requirement to provide annual financial statements to the authorities on companies of this type.
  • the UAE has double taxation treaties with more than 50 countries.
      We provide full legal support in UAE, the most popular services that our clients commonly use are:

      • Company formation
      • Local registered office address
      • Local registered agent
      • Nominee Services
      • Bank account opening
      • Accounting services
      • License obtaining
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