Advantages of setting up a business in Poland

The economic development of Poland offers many opportunities to start a new business.

  • Polish government encourages foreign investments with Double Tax Treaties and by offering a wide range of incentives for entrepreneurs who decide to come from abroad;
  • The country is located at the very heart of Europe and it borders the other EU members and the Eastern European countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia);
  • The transparent legal system, a developed and stable financial system. Moreover, Poland has the largest economy in Central and Eastern Europe and the sixth-largest economy in the European Union;
  • Exemption from income tax and real property tax and availability of attractive commercial lands - these are just some of the investment incentives offered in the Special Economic Zones in Poland
    We provide full legal support in Poland including special economic zones, the most popular services are:

    • Company formation
    • Local registered office address
    • Local registered agent
    • Nominee Services
    • Bank account opening
    • Accounting services
    • Audit services
    • License obtaining
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