Advantages of setting up a business in the Isle of Man

  • Favourable tax regime, including no corporation tax, no capital gains tax;
  • The Isle of Man has a selection of grants that are easily accessible to a variety of business needs and the owners are free to apply for the most appropriate;
  • No exchange controls or other financial restraints imposed the companies;
  • Incorporation time 3-6 days;
  • In the Isle of Man, no minimum capital requirement exists. Many corporations are formed with just declaring two pence Sterling as their capital;
  • For ultimate privacy, an Isle of Man corporation can issue "bearer" shares with no name on the corporate share certificates other than "bearer" meaning whoever possesses the bearer share is the owner. In addition, there are no records revealing who the actual owner is of the bearer shares.
      We provide full legal support in the Isle of Man, the most popular services that our clients commonly use are:

      • Company formation
      • Local registered office address
      • Local registered agent
      • Nominee Services
      • Bank account opening
      • Accounting services
      • Audit services
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