Advantages of setting up a business in Delaware, USA

  • Delaware has an unusually well-developed and predictable body of corporate law
  • Delaware has also been called a tax haven. It does not collect corporate taxes from Delaware corporations that do not do business in the state
  • It also does not tax royalty payments or other "intangible assets."
  • You can form a corporation more quickly in Delaware than in just about any other state, and, unlike some states, Delaware does not require you to publicly disclose the names of the corporation's directors or shareholders
  • Finally, venture capitalists and other outside investors often prefer to invest in a Delaware corporation
We provide full legal support in the USA, the most popular services that our clients commonly
use are:

  • Delaware company formation
  • Local registered office address
  • Local registered agent
  • Nominee Services
  • Bank account opening
  • Accounting services
  • Audit services
  • License obtaining
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