Advantages of setting up a business in China

China is the country with the fastest growing economy in the world and has excellent
jurisdiction to register companies. If business activity related to import or export operations,
in China the best solution is incorporation of legal entitiy in Mainland China because this
solution brings the following advantages:

  • legal entrepreneurial activity in China;
  • the ability to conduct legitimate import and export activities;
  • execution of official tax documents on behalf of your company;
  • any customs procedures are allowed;
  • the ability to trade;
  • organization of own production;
  • currency operations in China;
  • credit availability from Chinese banks;
  • hiring locals and foreigners;
  • lack of strict control by state authorities.
We provide full legal support in China, the most popular services that our
clients commonly use are:

  • Company formation
  • Local registered office address
  • Local registered agent
  • Bank account opening
  • Accounting services
  • Audit services
  • License obtaining
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